Person adjusting a wall thermostat with dollar sign symbol on the display

How to Save Money on Cooling Bills This Summer

While Helena is home to the Old West lifestyle, that doesn’t mean that you have to live without air conditioning. Rather, this modern-day luxury helps to make the summertime more comfortable for your whole family. However, when you find yourself dealing with high energy bills, it’s time to implement some useful strategies to lower them.

Invest in Ceiling Fans

A great way to help reduce your energy bills while still keeping your family comfortable is to invest in ceiling fans. By installing these fans in your Helena, MT home, you can help to make your residence feel much cooler than it actually is. The breeze from a ceiling fan can make you feel up to eight degrees cooler than the room’s temperature. It’s best to install ceiling fans in the most trafficked rooms of your home, such as your bedrooms and living room.

Use a Smart Thermostat

Probably the easiest method to drastically reduce your energy bills during the hot summer months is to install a smart thermostat in your home. This special thermostat allows you to easily control your home’s temperature setting from anywhere that your smartphone has internet connectivity. The best part is that smart thermostats will get to learn your schedule and make suggestions for how you can reduce energy costs.

Block Out the Sunlight

Sunlight can greatly impact the temperature inside your home. When direct sunlight is allowed to come in through your windows, it can raise the temperature in the rooms they open onto by as much as 10 degrees. This means that your air conditioning system would have to continuously run to combat the rising indoor temperature created by the rays of the sun. By simply blocking out direct sunlight during the day through the use of blinds or shades, you can lower your energy costs considerably.

Beef Up Your Insulation

Insulation is a necessary barrier between the air outside your home and the air inside it. When you have insufficient insulation and leaks, the warm outside air can easily make its way into your home. This will cause your air conditioning system to work harder to combat the rising temperature. If you take the time to increase the amount of insulation that you have and seal any air leaks, you can prevent the warm outside air from penetrating your home’s interior.

As the summer weather rolls back around, you may be fretting about those foreseeable energy expenditures. Fortunately, by implementing some of the tips that we went over above, you can help to drastically reduce those energy bills and keep your budget in check this summer.