Air conditioner condenser unit sitting next to brick home with fence

Prevent Summer AC Breakdowns With Preventative Maintenance

While the temperatures in Helena are generally mild over the summer, there are a few weeks that make it worth having an air conditioner. During those hot days, your AC experiences the most strain and is most likely to break down. Discover how preventative maintenance helps prevent these summer breakdowns.

Reduced Electrical Resistance

Over time, electrical connections in your air conditioner loosen, creating excessive electrical resistance. This additional resistance translates into extra heat that causes components to wear more quickly, making them even more susceptible to the summer heat. Your technician will check the electrical connections, tightening those that need it.

Improved Airflow

Your air conditioner experiences several things when it can’t circulate air effectively. First, it runs longer cooling cycles. Next, the compressor works overtime trying to create the appropriate pressure in the condensing coil. Finally, it may make your condensing or evaporator coils freeze.

These airflow restrictions happen at the condensing coil outside, and at the evaporator coil and circulating fan inside. Airborne particles settle on these areas, even with good filters in place. Your technician cleans these areas as part of routine maintenance to help prevent damaging restrictions.

Reduces Corrosion

Corrosion is a significant concern for both your evaporator and condensing coils. Corrosion accelerates when the coils remain dirty, especially if the coils freeze, trapping the contaminants between the frozen condensate and the coil. By cleaning the coils during maintenance, your technician helps protect them against corrosion.

Ensures Proper Refrigerant Charge

In addition to adequate airflow, your system requires a precise amount of refrigerant charge. If it’s too low, the compressor won’t have the resistance needed to build the pressure, causing the unit to burn out. However, with too much refrigerant, there’ll be too much pressure in the coil, causing the seals in the compressor to leak and again, it’ll burn out. Your technician will check the refrigerant charge to make sure it’s exactly what it should be for your system.

Prevents Clogged Condensate Drain

If you’ve ever seen a cold glass, you’ll notice the water that forms on the outside. This happens because the temperature of the glass gets cold enough to make the moisture in the air condense. The same thing happens with your air conditioner, making the moisture from the air moving through the evaporator coil condense.

This moisture then drips on a pan built into the system, which then needs to drain, and your system also has that built in. If that drain clogs, it’ll cause excess moisture to collect in the pan, eventually tripping a safety switch and shutting down your AC. Your technician will clean that condensate drain during maintenance to ensure it won’t back up.

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