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Sue Meyer
Sue Meyer
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" Great professional service. Outstanding job installing in house water filter and replaced a water shut off valve 👍 "
Jason Larsen
Jason Larsen
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" Did a great job of installing our dishwasher and fixing our drain. Their rates didn't break the bank either. "
Ollie Hudgins
Ollie Hudgins
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" Needed an emergency repair on a water heater. Jason with Big Sky was here within an hour on the weekend, to prevent a major flooding incident. They will be my go to for any plumbing/HVAC work in Helena. "
Vikki Howard
Vikki Howard10/25/2020
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" Very polite and explained in detail the problem.. I felt very comfortable.."
Monica Wygal
Monica Wygal09/05/2020
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" Exceptional service and workmanship. On time, clean, and very competent plumbers! I would highly recommend this company to anyone. "

Air Conditioning Repair, Replacement & Installation in Helena, MT

Having high-quality air conditioning in Helena, MT is one of the most important aspects of being comfortable in your home, especially when the temperatures of summertime start rising. Fortunately, if you’re experiencing issues with your air conditioner, the team at Big Sky Plumbing & Heating offers AC repair and AC replacement in Helena, MT. Locally owned and operated since our company was founded, Big Sky Plumbing & Heating has been providing the AC services that you need to keep your home comfortable for years. Not only are we fully committed to your satisfaction, but you can also be confident of our upfront, transparent pricing, which prevents any surprise charges at the back end of the transaction. Whether you need a new air conditioner installed in your home or AC repair in Helena, MT, Big Sky Plumbing & Heating has the answers you’re looking for.

Professional air conditioning in Helena, MT is just one call away to Big Sky at (406) 443-0336!

Signs You Need AC Repair

You don’t have to wait until your system is completely broken down and in need of replacement to recognize that you need to have your AC repaired. There are several warning signs that indicate that something is wrong with your system. First of all, if you notice that your home is simply not as cool as the temperature that you set on your thermostat, there is clearly something wrong with your system. Inadequate cooling or the presence of warm air can both leave you uncomfortable, even when you’re inside.

Additionally, if you notice a sharp increase in your monthly utility bills, there is probably something wrong with your cooling system. During the hottest part of the year, it’s not uncommon for your AC to have to run a bit more than usual. While this increase in usage may create a moderate increase in your monthly utility bills, sharp increases are always a sign of a problem somewhere in your air conditioner. While these aren’t the only signs, they are certainly indicators that something isn’t working correctly.

Common AC Repairs

Over the years, our technicians at Big Sky Plumbing & Heating have seen and done virtually everything when it comes to air conditioning repairs in Helena, MT. In most cases, your issues can be quickly repaired. For instance, evaporator coils that are responsible for collecting moisture created during the air-cooling process can become clogged and dirty, which generates plenty of problems. Also, refrigerant leaks, drainage issues and thermostat issues are all generally repairable with relative ease. However, if something has gone wrong with your condenser or compressor and your AC is getting on in years, it may be a good idea to plan on purchasing a new system.

Is Your Ductwork to Blame?

Dirty or damaged ductwork can also have a negative impact on the functionality and efficiency of your air conditioner. For instance, when ductwork becomes too dirty, your system will struggle to force air into your home consistently enough to keep you comfortable. Dirt, dust and debris that get into your ductwork can lead to a lack of comfort and a decrease in system efficiency. You may also be shocked to learn that your ductwork can become torn, punctured and disconnected over time. When there are holes in your ductwork, the air that flows through it will leak out, leaving your home hotter than you want it to be.

How to Decide Between Repair and Replacement

The team of service technicians at Big Sky Plumbing & Heating will never try to force you into installing a new system. If you’re trying to decide between system repair and system replacement, call us to schedule an assessment. During this assessment, one of our technicians will walk you through the process of choosing between a new system and repairing your existing one. Once our technician has thoroughly inspected your entire air conditioning system, he or she will be able to help you decide which option makes the most sense for you financially and practically. We want to be sure you have the information you need before you commit to anything.

What Sets Us Apart

There are plenty of heating and cooling companies vying for your business, but we believe that we’re your best choice. With an unrivaled commitment to customer satisfaction, honest pricing and fast, reliable work, there’s a reason that customers have trusted us for years for all their AC needs. Call us today at (406) 443-0336 to let us help you with your air conditioning service in Helena, MT.

Customer Reviews
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