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What Happens During a Boiler Maintenance Check?

Boilers are no longer the rumbling, steaming, coal-powered, and somewhat dangerous behemoths that took up most of the space in a home’s basement. Nowadays they are streamlined, amazingly efficient, safe, and quiet. Still, they need regular maintenance to perform their function of delivering heat into your home, a must during Helena’s bitter winters. Maintenance also allows them to live out their working lifespan of about 15 years.

Boiler Maintenance Tasks

After our technician arrives at your home, they’ll visually inspect the boiler. They’ve been trained to see problems that a layperson might not notice, such as leaks and corrosion. They’ll also check the flame. After the visual check, they’ll take off the casing of the boiler, clean it, and adjust its components if necessary. They’ll then check the gas and water pipes, controls, and safeties to make sure they’re properly connected and working the way they should. They’ll check the condensate trap and its pipe to make sure they’re not blocked and ensure that blowers and electrodes are also in good shape.

The technician then checks the flue to make sure it’s sound, and there are no obstructions inside it, such as animal nests. It is crucial that the flue is in good working order because it vents dangerous gases to the outside. After this, the technician will take apart the components in the boiler, inspect them, and clean them. These components include such things as the:

  • Main burner
  • Pilot light assembly
  • Ignition pin
  • Thermostat
  • Heat exchanger

They’ll also check to see if the boiler is near any flammable materials and remove them. They’ll make sure seals are tight and that electrical wiring is well connected and in good shape. They’ll also measure the flow of gas and the gas pressure. The pressure needs to be at a certain level in order for the water inside the boiler to reach a temperature that keeps your home comfortable.

As they work, the technician checks off each item on a list, and at the end, they’ll give you a copy for your records. This is important for the next time you have your boiler serviced.

After all the checks and troubleshooting and repairs, the technician will reconnect everything and make sure the boiler is in good working order. The entire maintenance call should take about an hour.

Call Our Technicians for Boiler Maintenance

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