Horizontal shot of four air conditioning units outside of an upscale apartment complex.

Why Does My AC Run and Run?

Now and then, Helena does experience a really scorching hot day. If your AC keeps running and running without a break during one of these days, it’s probably acting normally. But if the day isn’t that hot and the AC still runs nonstop, there might be a problem. This is especially true if the air that’s blowing out of the unit isn’t particularly cool and is not keeping you or your family comfortable.

What Causes an AC to Constantly Run?

There can be many causes besides a very hot day for an air conditioning unit to run nonstop. There can be something the matter with the air filter. If it hasn’t been changed in a while and is really dirty, the unit has to work harder to bring in cool air. Some registers that would allow for airflow might be inadvertently closed or return vents might be blocked, which also makes the AC work harder.

Another thing that can cause the AC to run and run is a refrigerant leak. In addition to causing issues with AC operation, refrigerant leaks can also be dangerous. Signs that there’s a leak include:

  • Ice on the refrigerant line
  • Hissing or screaming from the AC
  • A room that just doesn’t feel cool
  • Inexplicably high energy bills

Dirt can also clog up components that make the air conditioner work efficiently. This prevents the components, usually the condenser or the evaporator coils, from doing their job of expelling heat to the outside or absorbing heat from the inside. Another problem that you might not consider is that the unit or system is just too small to cool down the room or the house properly. Because of this, the air conditioner will try and try to cool down a space to no avail.

Our HVAC specialists at Big Sky Plumbing & Heating can help you calculate what size of conditioner you need for your home. They can also recharge the refrigerant in your unit and repair any leaks, clean condenser and evaporator coils, change your filters, and make sure vents are all in good working order.

Call Big Sky for AC Service

As the state capital of Montana, Helena is home to the Holter Museum of Art and offers views of majestic Mount Helena. Though the summers are gloriously mild, there are still some days when the air conditioning is needed. If you feel that your AC is running constantly for no reason, don’t hesitate to call for service at Big Sky.